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All the other cars flip over….The bug just kinda hops outta the way. HA!

Lost Andy Warhol art recovered from 1985 Amiga floppy disks
Verge: The Andy Warhol Museum has recovered a set of images, doodles, and photos created by the seminal pop artist on a Commodore Amiga home computer.
The artworks, made by Warhol as part of a collaboration with Commodore Amiga, had been stranded on Amiga floppy disks for almost 20 years after the artist saved them in the mid-1980s.
The images they found include doodles, photographs, and experiments with Warhol’s existing artworks. One image is a crude recreation of his world-famous Campbell’s soup can, its proportions skewed and its colors drawn in scratchy, MS Paint-esque lines.

Vince Beach, California

FDA to propose new regulations for electronic cigarettes
The Wall Street Journal: The Food and Drug Administration plans to impose new regulations on electronic cigarettes, eventually banning sales to minors and requiring makers gain FDA approval for products.
Makers will be required to disclose the chemicals used in the devices, and new health warnings will note that the nicotine they contain can be addictive.
Photo credit: Bloomberg News via wsj.com

The single most mesmerizing gif ever